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Course NameGradesSemester OfferedClass Period
Course NameGradesSemester OfferedClass Period
21st Century Home Economics 7 - 12 Mini classes 3rd 
Algebra 1 8 - 12 full year 1st 
Algebra 2 10th-12th full year 2nd 
Biblical Worldview & Apologetics 9th- 12th first/ second 3rd 
Biology 9th-12th full year 3rd 
British Literature 9th - 12th full year 2nd 
Business Communications 9th -12th Not available in 2014/2015 2nd 
Chemistry 9th - 12th Not available in 2014/2015 2nd (modified) 
Choir 4th -12th full year 12:30 - 2pm 
Civics 9th -12th Not available in 2014/2015 3rd 
Digital Photography & Yearbook 9th-12th first/second 3rd 
Economics 9th -12th Not available in 2014/2015 2nd 
Elementary Program 1st -6th full year 9am - Noon 
Foundational Grammar & Writing 7th - 12th full year 1st 
Fundamentals Of Drawing 7th -12th Not available in 2014/2015 1st 
Geography 7th - 12th full year 1st 
Geometry 10th - 12th Not available in 2014/2015 2nd 
Gym 7th - 12th full year 1st -3rd 
Introduction to Literature 9th - 12th Not available in 2014/2015 3rd 
Kindergarten  age 5 by September full year 9 am -Noon 
Life Science 9th -12th full year 3rd 
Lunch Bunch 1st - 6th full year Noon -1:10 
Middle School Art / Digital Photography 7 & 8 first / second 2nd 
Middle School General Science 7 & 8 full year 2nd 
Middle School Literature 7th - 8th full year 3rd 
Middle School Math 7 & 8 full year  1st 
Mini class: Cake Decorating /Food Presentation 9th - 12th first / 7 weeks 1st 
Mini Class CPR Training 9th -12th first / 7 weeks 2nd 
Mini Class Drama Series 9th -12th first / second 1st  
Music History & Appreciation 7th -12th Not available in 2014/2015 3rd 
NC History 7th - 8th Not available in 2014/2015 1st 
Physical Science  9th - 12th Not available in 2014/2015 2nd 
Pre K 3 & 4 year olds full year 9 am - Noon 
Shakespeare / mini session within Brit Lit 7th -12th first 3rd 
Spanish 1 9th -12th full year 2nd 
Spanish 2 9th- 12th full year 3rd 
Toastmasters 7 - 12 full year 2nd 
World Cultures Explored 7 - 12 first 1st 
World Wars 7th - 8th Not available in 2014/2015 2nd 
Showing 39 items