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21st Century Home Economics (Middle School Version)

Middle School Version

The middle school version is a full year tutorial. Middle school students will meet every week that Providence is in session. (High Schoolers will not attend this classroom in December) These students will cover the same topics, have the same tutor, and enjoy the special guest speakers alongside of their high school peers. 

In the middle school only December sessions they will cover such topics as "prepping for high school", "basic babysitting tips", and the like.

Grade 7 – 8 (Age guideline: minimum age 12 by September 1)

Tutor: Jennifer Garbutt

Tuition: $275 per year

Materials Fee: $ 20 per year

On The Home Front

  • 08/28  maximizing your new space with a mini budget (organization)
  • 09/04  stocking your pantry, fridge, & wardrobe
  • 09/11  creature comforts, personal boundaries, & successful friendships
  • 09/18  finding your personal style & washing it / how to throw a party
  • 09/25  Safe Servers: basic kitchen food handling skills & safety
  • 10/02  emergency sewing: buttons, backpacks, & camping gear
  • 10/09  basic DIY home & car repairs

Cooking for A Crowd

What do you need to know to establish yourself in a new community? How do you want to live? Is a gym membership a luxury or a necessity for you? In this mini session the teens will examine and plan how to handle the costs of living in the 21st Century.

  • 10/16  planning a theme party & catering skills
  • 10/23  fundraising “beyond the bake sale”
  • 10/30  Easy showstopping desserts demo
  • 11/06  Gadgets, goodies, life hacks, handy helpers from Ikea’s basement
  • 11/13  International Foods Taste & See
  • 11/20  Create a signature holiday dish

Your Digital Life

(..what you need to know before you graduate )
  • 01/08 Understanding Utilities, ISPs, and Cell phone contracts
  • 01/15 Bills, Banking, Health Care, Housing do's & Don't's
  • 01/22 Electronics as toys & tools
  • 01/29 Safety, Security, or Scam?
  • 02/05 (M)assive (O)pen (O)nline (C)ourses or How to take an online class
  • 01/12 MMORPG v MMO do you? Should you?
  • 02/19 "Hack Your Life" aka Making sense of the digital world.

Online Communications

  • 02/29    Etiquette: How to & Not to talk to strangers
  • 03/04*   From Vine to outline; a discussion on first impressions and intentions
  • 03/11*   Storyboarding your resume
  • 03/18*  Production of video resumes
  • 04/01   Evaluation of student videos
  • 04/15   Creating a webinar
  • 04/22   Attend and present at an international webinar during classtime
  • 04/29  This day will be kept free to adjust the schedule as needed.
* One of these dates will be rescheduled to accommodate Campus Harvest