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Elementary Science


  1. Elementary Science: (1 hour)

    (Grade 1-6)

    Tutor: Mindy Flow

    In elementary science this year students will be studying animals that live on the land. We will wonder at God's designs in the amazing land animals He formed from the tiny to the massive. Each week a set of review questions will be sent out that covers all the material the students learn in class to reinforce what they have learned. The tutorial is a combination of hands-on and participatory lecture with the main goal being not only to learn facts, but to light a fire of curiosity about the world around us. A secondary goal is to expose the students to scientific vocabulary, language, and thought processes. Each year we study a different area of life science so that if students attend from first to sixth grade they will have a firm foundation of vocabulary and knowledge on entering middle school.

    Textbook: Exploring Creation Series by Jeannie K. Fulbright. 

    Students do NOT need a copy of the book.

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