Automotive Safety

Driving You Safely

Driving You Safely minitutorial

This minitutorial is based on the minibook written by my brother, James Link.  The book is Driving You Safely and is available in paper or as an ebook.

Paper / hard copy


Kindle version

The minicourse discusses the practical aspects of driving that are covered at best minimally in the DMV driving booklet.  It is based on 50 years of driving by my twin brother and myself (Yes, I contributed material for the book!), and was originally written by my brother to help him teach his children about driving.

Some of the subjects covered are:

  • Steering:  Keeping the car in the proper place on the roadway!
  • Stopping
  • Freeway driving
  • Turns
  • Traffic Lights
  • Emergency Vehicles
  • Bad Weather
  • Etiquette