Pre Calculus

Fees, Requirements, & Text

Pre Calculus (full year; 1.5 hrs.)

Grade 9 – 12 (Age guideline: minimum age 14 by September 1)

Prerequisite: Algebra 2, 
Students will need weekly access to the internet to complete their assignments.

Tutor: Kim Johnson

Tuition: $375 per year

Lab Fee: $ 50 per year

Materials Fees: $ 20 per year

Course Overview

Precalculus is the in-depth analysis of functions and trigonometry.  The first half of the year will be spent in graphing and looking at characteristics of functions with an eye to what will be needed for calculus.  The second half of the year will be spent analyzing trigonometric functions, their properties and uses.

Our textbook is OpenStax Precalculus, a freely available online textbook.  We will also use WebAssign and CK-12 to cement concepts. We will communicate with Google Classroom and a weekly session with Google Hangouts.