British Literature with Mini Shakespeare Option

British Literature

British Literature: full year

  Book List Options for British Literature 2015 / 2016

Grade 9 – 12 (Age guideline: minimum age 14 by September 1)

Tutor: Christy Bailey

Tuition: $325 per year
Materials Fees: $ 20 per year

British Literature

Study British Literature with a “quality, not quantity” course that is engaging and approachable.  Literary analysis essay and other forms of writing are taught.  The flexible booklist gives students options to meet their needs and preferences.

REQUIRED TEXT/GUIDE:  Excellence in Literature Volume 3:  British Literature  3rd Edition ISBN 9781623411848

Each module of this non-consumable study guide leads the student through the life and times of the author, discussion questions, writing assignments, and essay prompts.  Students write author profiles, historical event profiles, approach papers, and more -- with step-by-step instructions and sample papers.   Honors work is clearly outlined in the guide, for those who choose to pursue additional independent study.

REQUIRED TEXT:  Analytical Grammar High School Reinforcement -- British Authors 

This book has been chosen to review grammar, mechanics, and copy editing skills, while providing students with some familiarity with many additional British authors not covered in detail in our readings.
Book Lists for British Literature

Mini Shakespeare

Registering for a mini class:
Tuition: $70 per session
Materials Fee:  $5 per session
Duration: 7 weeks

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