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  1. Shakespeare Studies A (one semester; 1.5 hrs.)

    Grade 7 – 12 (Age guideline: minimum age 12 by September1)

    Tutor: Christy Bailey

    Tuition: $165 per year
    Materials Fee: $ 10 per year

Why Shakespeare? Peter J. Leithart explains in his study guide, Brightest Heaven of Invention, “. . . I have discovered Shakespeare to be a stimulating source for reflections on pastoral practice, history, politics, love, and life in general, not even to mention that Shakespeare uses the English language as no human being, before or since, has used language” (26).

The tutorial will cover King Lear (a tragedy); Much Ado About Nothing (a comedy); Henry V (a history); and A Midsummer Night’s Dream (a comedy). Students will also be introduced to some other famous Shakespearian characters and plot summaries, such as those from Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet, as well as explore a few sonnets and poems. These plays are not covered in Providence Tutorial’s Intro to Literary Analysis A or Literary Analysis and Composition B.

Parents may elect to list this as a .5 credit elective in Shakespeare Studies; or combined with additional composition studies, this tutorial would provide the literature component of a full English credit. Since the focus is on Shakespeare’s plays, it could also be listed as a .5 credit of Fine Arts (Shakespearian drama).

Students would find great benefit in reading the modern translation of each play before reading the original, and are welcome to begin that reading over the summer.

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Book List:

King Lear ISBN 978-1586638535

Much Ado About Nothing  ISBN  978-1411401013

Henry V ISBN 978-1411401037

A Midsummer Night’s Dream ISBN 978-1586638481

The No Fear Shakespeare series is highly recommended, as it includes a modern translation of the play, page by page, on facing page from the original. The ISBN numbers included are for that edition. However, students may use any edition. There are many editions available online and in e-book (Kindle, Nook) format.