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US History


This seminar style course will use an online text that can be purchased or printed as a hardcopy. Students use the text during the week to prepare for class discussions, projects, and re-enactments. Computer access is required for all students. Students will use a proprietary software program from Memory Science to enhance retention and comprehension.
The cost of the Memory Science subscription will be factored into the cost of this course. However, a with a Memory Science subscription can use it for multiple topics available on that platform.


This is the history course you have been looking for. It brings together the best of many models in the way that only homeschooling really can. Students will have a flipped classroom with an integrated reading / testing program that they access online either at home or in class. They can print or their textbook or read it from a screen. The instructor will highlight the main points of the assigned reading with active discussions, role playing games, and using primary sources.

Tuition: $375 per year

Materials Fee: $20

Tutor: Gladwin Jarvis

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US History