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Algebra 2


Algebra 2 (full year; 1.5 hrs.)

Grade 9 – 12 (Age guideline: minimum age 14 by September 1)

Prerequisite: Algebra 1

Tutor: Matt Jones

Tuition: $325 per year

Lab Fee: $ 50 per year

Materials Fees: $ 20 per year

Algebra 2 prepares students for calculus and includes embedded geometry instruction. It reinforces trigonometry concepts and provides practice with statistics. Modeling problems and applications for other subjects like physics, chemistry, business, and finance are also included. A graphing calculator such as a TI-83,84, or 89 or a computer- based emulating software such as TI-connect is strongly recommended for this course.

This course is now using Google Classroom. The lab will occasionally take place in a Google Hangout, a multi-person video chat-room accessed through our virtual classroom.  This will allow mid- week interaction with the tutor by recapping the material taught each Friday.


CK - 12org Flexbook with downloadable online content for hands on use.

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