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General Math for Middle School Students

Middle School Math  (full year, 1.5 hrs.)

Grade 7 & 8th  (Age guideline: minimum age 12 by September1)

Tutor: Kim Johnson

Tuition: $325 per year
Materials Fee: $ 20 per year

Middle school seems like the perfect time for deep breathing (parents) and heavy sighing (children). 

Pick your own curriculum or let the tutor recommend one. This tutorial is a companion to guide the growing middle schooler's mind to grasp the concepts behind the computations. The in class assignments and discussions will help turn the theoretical into practical, relevant knowledge.

The "A", "B" years allows the student two years of both pre-algebra / algebra and beginning geometry coaching. The topics change but the level of difficulty remains about the same. Parents should feel comfortable enrolling in either year as this tutorial will cover the major concepts needed to succeed in a high school algebra class and beyond.

Meet the Tutor
Kim Johnson