Digital Study Skills

    Tuition: $138  (15 weeks) per semester

    Lab Fee: $ 15 per semester

    Materials Fees: $ 10 per semester

If you have little to no idea about the online, virtual world of education in the 21st century this is a great place your student to jump in. This systematic but not boring course  will teach the tools, techniques and language required to participate in a modern classroom.

Your student may take one or both semesters. there is no prerequisite for digital study skills II. However, students who take part 1 will have different assignments in part 2.

Use this course as a companion to a composition class, history course, or even upper level science or math class and your student can use those  assignments as the content for their coursework. 

A laptop / chromebook is required and must be brought to class each week.

Course Outline

Digital Study Skills
  1. Organization
    1. Defining the parameter of assignments
      1. Understanding templates
      2. Exploring digital tools
    2. Graphic organizers
      1. Paper KWL charts
      2. Google Docs and Google Draw
    3. Time management
      1. Scheduling software
      2. Time sieves and time savers
  2. Learning styles
    1. Defining and identifying preferences
    2. Working with limiting factors
      1. Goal setting
      2. Creating a study plan
  3. Using search engines
    1. Understanding sources
    2. Improving comprehension
  4. Routines
    1. Refining personal study habits
    2. Lifelong learning skills
  5. Multimedia Collaboration

Digital Study Skills II