Foundational Grammar & Writing

 Foundational Grammar & Writing (full year, 1.5 hrs.)
Start time: 8:30  End time 10:10 this class is on the High School time schedule

Grade 7 – 12 (Age guideline: minimum age 12 by September1)

Tutor: Christy Bailey

Tuition: $325 per year

Materials Fee: $ 20 per year

This tutorial has been developed for students 7th grade and up who need introduction or review of solid grammar and basic writing. Students who consider themselves reluctant or struggling writers will benefit from building their grammar and writing skills from the ground up. Students who are natural writers, but who struggle with format and grammar specifics, will benefit from understanding the more technical aspects of what they know intuitively.
Students will cover parts of speech, parts of sentences, and basic sentence diagraming, comma rules, capitalization, titles, dialogue, quotations, possessives, agreement, and word choice. Writing topics will include journaling, paragraphs, the classic five-paragraph essay, and short research papers.  

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