Physical Science


Physical Science: (full year; 1.5 hrs.)

Grade 8– 12 (Age guideline: minimum age 13 by September 1)

Tutor: Staff

Prerequisite: A working knowledge of Algebra is required. Students will need weekly access to the internet to complete their assignments. Google Classroom will be used extensively and training will be provided throughout the year.

In this tutorial students will study Newton’s laws, momentum, energy, gravity, fluids, heat, electricity, magnetism, sound, light, the atom, chemistry, rocks and minerals, earth, the oceans, the atmosphere, weather, the solar system, space, and the structure of space and time, all at an appropriate basic level. Occasional labs will help students learn the basic concepts and provide practice obtaining data and presenting it. 

Booklist & Requirements

    Tuition: $375 per year

    Lab Fee: $ 25 per year

    Materials Fees: $ 20 per year

    Text:  Download the free book here

    Webassign portal

    Students will use additional web based videos and tools through the virtual Google Classroom.