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Grade 7-12;  Currently offering 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period classes. Each class will need a minimum of 5 students. Parents will be notified by June 1st if the class period is under filled. 


Coach: Ian Johnson

Tuition: $110 /semester  or $220 full year

Materials Fee: $10/semester or $20 full year

The focus of “homeschool gym” is less about athletic training and more about supervised group games. Activities may range from a form of “frisbee golf” or kickball to pick-up basketball games. If students want to walk, talk, and catch up with their friends gym time is the right time.

The midday session will have a fitness focus. Students will build a repertoire of skills and activities to encourage a lifetime of fitness

Parents may register students for one or more gym periods. If additional classes are added. The coach will take attendance.

Meet the Tutor
Ian Johnson