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General Science "A" & "B" Check these out on the new site

General Science (full year, 1.5 hrs.)

Grades 7 & 8

Tutor: Staff

Tuition: $ per year

Materials Fee: $ per year

This project based study will help your middle school student bridge the knowledge gap between elementary and high school science. This is the course where our students are introduced to the skills, tools, and application of the the scientific method. A typical week will have the tutor introduce a concept and a practical application. The students will then spend the following week building, crafting, or otherwise demonstrating their understanding of the basic principles. Parents can expect to spend about an hour a week supervising their student. Meanwhile students should plan for 2.5 to 3 hours worth of work weekly. There will be no major lab work done in the classroom.

Textbook: None required. A working internet connection, printer, and a dedicated area for project building will be needed. A student could use a public library computer once a week to access the material. Students will use Google Classroom every week. However, no previous experience with a virtual classroom is required. Students will learn about and use our online resources weekly.

"Exploring Creation with General Science", by Dr. Jay Wile will be used by the instructor to as a reference source.

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"B" Year

This year continues where "A" year ended. Students having learned to navigate the Google Classroom in the previous year will start the year by reviewing the scientific method. Their weekly projects will require more documentation and refinement but will remain at a middle school level in both breadth and time commitment.