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Environmental Science

Environmental Science: (full year; 90 minutes)

Grade 9 – 12 (Age guideline: minimum age 14 by September1)

Prerequisite: Algebra 1

Tutor: Jennifer Garbutt

Tuition: $425 per year

Lab Fee: $ 40 per year

Materials Fees: $ 20 per year

This  moderately challenging high school course will use a highschool textbook but is not intended to be an AP prep study. Parents should plan for one to two hours of direct instruction and / or assistance time throughout the week at home. Students will need about 5 hours of weekly independent study time to achieve a desirable outcome. Occasional access to the internet for a Google Hangout session or a group assignment is a possibility. In the event of a snow closing this course will be hosted online if possible.

This class meets the first period of Providence from 8:30 to 10am.
We will be using the E-Textbook, Environmental Science, Earth as a Living Planet by Daniel B. Botkin and Edward A. Keller.  It can be bought from Amazon for Kindle for $66.92, or from for $71.50, for use for 365 days.  But the Kindle version is a permanent copy for your device.  The student will need to bring their device with them to class to refer to electronic lab procedures or other references, like the homework assignments or syllabus.  We will try to make this class "environmentally friendly" with less use of paper print outs. 
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