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Grade 7 – 8 (Age guideline: minimum age 12 by September 1)
Tutor: Martha Link
Tuition: $275 per year
Materials Fee: $ 20 per year

Course Description:

World  Geography begins with the Eastern Hemisphere, learning the continents, countries and culture of the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia.  Moving on to the Western Hemisphere to study Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America, the class does spend proportionately more time on the United States.  Each week the student will memorize a map of the country or continent, as well as create an assigned project.  The parent/teacher should spend about 15 minutes a day to encourage the  learning of the maps, overseeing  the projects, and ensuring that it demonstrates original and acceptable student effort. The students will need about 30 minutes daily to work on the assignments.  In class the students will practice their map skills and present their projects.  Also guests from different cultures will present their experiences and perspectives on occasion.

TEXT: The tutor has chosen to distribute handouts and provide links to interactive online maps. No additional book is required. In the event of snow closures or delays the course will be taught online if possible.

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