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NC History

Not Currently Offered

  1. North Carolina History (full year, 1.5 hrs.)

    Grade 7 – 8 (Age guideline: minimum age 12 by September 1)

    Tutor: Martha Link

    Tuition: $275 per year
    Materials Fee: $ 20 per year

Our study of North Carolina History highlights the events of more than four hundred years of an independence-loving people. The goal of this tutorial is to grasp the role North Carolina has played as a part of the United States. To reach the goal, students will read the text while finding the answers to questions from their study guide. Quizzes and games will be used to evaluate comprehension each week. A test will be given after each unit of study. Also, students will create a North Carolina notebook gathering information on the weekly fact-finding assignment. Areas of study include NC geography, early inhabitants and explorers, historical progression, government and politics.

Text: North Carolina: The History of an American State by John L. Bell and Jeffrey J. Crow. Clairmont Press, 2003 ISBN #1-56733-075-4

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