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World Wars

Not Currently Offered

  1. World Wars (full year; 1.5 hrs.)

    Grade 7 – 12 (Age guideline: minimum age 12 by September 1)

    Tutor: Martha Link

    Tuition: $325 per year
    Materials Fees: $ 20 per year

    In this tutorial on the two World Wars, the students will be learning the facts, causes, attitudes, decision, personalities, technology, weaponry, etc., all concerning the years before and during World Wars I and II. The students will learn by reading the two texts, one exclusively about WWI and the other on WWII, plus the teacher’s notes. To help the students understand the texts, a guide sheet will accompany the reading each week. Each week, the students will listen to a lecture or participate in an activity to learn of an aspect of the war. Some research writing, critical thinking papers, and an interview paper will be required during the year. 

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    Texts: The First World War, An Illustrated History, A.J.P. Taylor; New York, The Berkley Publishing Group, 1972 ISBN #0-399-50260-2.

    The World War II Reader, Edited by the Editors of World War II Magazine, New York, NY: ibooks, inc. Distributed by Simon and Schuster, 2001 ISBN #0-7434-2387-9