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High School Hours

High School
  • 8:30 -10:00
  • 10:10 - 11:40 except for chemistry which will go to noon
  • 12:10 - varies some classes are 1 hour (Spanish) , 90 minutes (most) or 2 (science)

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High SchoolDescriptionPeriodSemesterStatus for 2016 / 2017
High SchoolDescriptionPeriodSemesterStatus for 2016 / 2017
Digital Photography for 9th -12  3rd 1st scheduled 
Civics  3rd 2nd scheduled 
Chemistry  2nd full year scheduled 
Yearbook  3rd 2nd scheduled 
Biology  3rd full year scheduled 
Drama Series  4 theater themed mini courses. Improv, Stage & Set design, acting are 3 of the 4 minis. 1st mini year scheduled 
Health Series 4 mini classes: CPR certification, Improving Teen Health, Health textbook, Wellness 2nd mini year scheduled 
Algebra 1  2nd full year scheduled 
Life Science  not available full year no 
Biblical Worldview  not available full year no 
Geometry  3rd full year scheduled  
Algebra 2  1st full year scheduled 
Spanish 2  3rd full year N / A 
21st Century Home Economics skills for modern life: cooking, sewing, navigating your digital world 3rd mini year N / A 
Spanish 1 1 hour class with optional 30 min conversation time 2nd full year N / A 
Economics  3rd semester N / A 
Environmental Science  1st full year N / A 
Digital Study Skill Learn Google Classroom, tools & WebAssign,  2nd 1st scheduled 
Toastmasters Club  www.toastmasters.org  11:40 - 12:20 will adjust for 3rd period classes starts in October  yes 
English in four parts A streamlined course of grammar, composition, literature & analysis 1st full year scheduled 
World Cultures Explored World Geography expanded to include a survey of international cultures presented by visiting internationals 1st full year N/A 
Physics  2nd full year N / A 
Pre Calculus  1st full year scheduled 
US History  1st Full Year needs 2 more 
VEX Robotics  3rd full year no 
Physical Science  1st full year  
Showing 26 items